Milling Tools: Skirted Mill

Interoffshore - Milling Tools - Skirted Mills

Skirted Mills. Ideal for milling tubular junk known to be plugged or split that is inside casing; available with smooth O.D. or tooth-type skirts. Interoffshore standard thrift mill is internally made up inside skirt to mill junk trapped in I.D. of skirt. Also, Interoffshore standard washover shoes can be used as skirt for milling and washover operations.

Interoffshore - Milling Tools - Skirted Mills

How to order:

To order or inquire about skirted mills, please specify:

  • Dressed O.D. and I.D. of skirt
  • Size and weight of casing to be run through, if available
  • Design of skirt (tooth, flat or wavy bottom)
  • Top connection

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